Tourist places in Kerala

Blog on Kerala trip – Sail with tranquility

God’s own country has to offer you a lot. Come and live with mystique mountains at the backdrop, fresh greenery surrounding the sloping beaches that merges with the serene waters. It houses the tourist places in Kerala which are some of the  beautiful destinations of the world that will leave you speechless and will make your experience a mesmerising one.

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15 Best hotels in Kerala: Live in grandeur


Kerala also termed as “God’s own country” is all jewelled with the beauty of water,hills,forests and beaches all together.To refresh yourselves from this chaotic daily life just spend some days luxuriously in the top most lavish Kerala hotels and resorts.Make this sojourn trip of yours a memory of a lifetime with the access of the Kerala tour packages.

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10 eye catching keepsake to shop in Kerala

Kerala is not only famous for its aesthetics and culture and major activities  but also for its shopping there.Unique  and variable items are found in the shops of Kerala which aligns the streets.Starting from the spices of Kerala to its antique items, you will get variables of your choice there.The grand Kerala shopping festival which is one of the major attractions of Kerala is organized by the Govt. of Kerala in association with the Department of Tourism. Kerala is renowned for its local crafts and you will get a touch of traditionality in every shop of it.Explore the shops of Kerala and pamper yourself with the enthrallment of shopping. Just get hold of some Kerala holiday packages which offers you with some of the best hotels in Kerala and bag in the beauty of Kerala with some of its antique items.

Kerala shopping festival

Some of the items which you will be glad to shop in Kerala are listed below.

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12 Activities to do in Kerala which you must experience

Kerala, “God’s own country” nestled between the Western ghats on the east and the Arabian sea on the west offers you with diverse geographic features and  cultures. The name Kerala originates from the term Kera or coconut. The unending lines of coconut trees standing erect on the sun bathed beaches, the rhythmic backwaters, the green valleys with its variable portray of flora and fauna, the beclouded mountains showering the mystical monsoon tempts people to visit there. So, Kerala offers you with some of the best attractions which you must experience to have a memory of lifetime. To enjoy all these attractions just grab the Kerala tour package available from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calcutta and Bangalore and fulfill your dreams.

Tea Garden

 Tourist attractions in Kerala

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Six Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala you can not afford to miss

Getting married is a new extension of your life. So, to give a fresh and a good start to your new lives many couples choose Kerala as their honeymoon destination. Like romantic Andaman, Kerala is also one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. There they can engross themselves in the beauty of the divine nature and can create a magical romantic moment. Choose any of your preferable honeymoon places and get hold of some honeymoon tips and discover the magic of love in the best Hotel in Kerala So, to ease your accessibility various Kerala honeymoon deals are available. Kerala honeymoon package from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore are available at your doorstep to satisfy your hanker. Six best honeymoon destinations in Kerala have been jotted below.

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Kashmir – A honeymooner’s Paradise

Do you ever dream of all the good things in life, especially a perfect honeymoon destination? Well, if you are then..Kashmir is the sublime for lovers hoping to rollick in the first few days of married bliss!! The endless toll of picturesque beauty is nothing short of romance with arresting and unsullied nature. Famous for its fresh lakes, streams, lush meadow, snow, nature, mountains, unbearable charms makes honeymoon at Kashmir a perfect paradise on earth.

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Top Ten Places in Kashmir

This Paradise on Earth has a realm of stunningly beautiful places to visit while you are here…. You can get to Kashmir by Air, Rail or Road. The best time to visit Kashmir is during the month of March to October. For those looking for some of the best places to visit in Kashmir, combined with the best Kashmir tour packages on offer are:

1. Dal Lake

Dal LakeDal Lake “Jewel of Kashmir“, is a lake located in Srinagar. Being the second largest urban lake in Kashmir, it plays an integral part in the tourism of Kashmir. Continue reading

Top Ten Hotels in Kashmir

hotelKashmir  is one of those picture-ideal destinations that is perfectly true to the pictures.The extremely high standard of its luxury hotels, the budget hotels, the houseboats and the spectacular scenery, it is hard to catch sight on a destination to oppose its blaze of grace and beauty. Below are a list of the top ten hotels in Kashmir.

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Is kashmir safe to visit now?

Many of you who are planning to travel to this place would question yourself ’Is Kashmir safe to visit now’?


Well, Kashmir has always been a longstanding dispute over control of the region, and has been prone to civil unrest and violence. Most recently in 2010, it’s been banned to tourists on a number of occasions. Peace has always been restored in this place. The tourist places in Kashmir are all safe and peaceful now. No affect of terrorism or any other activity is there in Kashmir. Some scenes were there amidst the army at The Line of Control, but it has no effect on tourism. Thousands of visitors throng to this place and it has always been safe. There is a saying about this place that If there is Bliss on earth, it is here. For the Kashmir is, a Guest or a Tourist is like a God to them…they would never harm an outsider.  Continue reading