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Eight things which you cannot afford to miss in Dubai shopping festival- A lucrative plaza

Dubai is a land of colours and luxury. This high end metropolitan city surrounded by elegant modernism and flamboyant lifestyle makes Dubai a fascinating place for the tourists. Specially when it is the shopping carnivalthen the whole city gets overcrowded with tourists. This shopping festival was first organised by the Dubai tourism department in 1996. From then onwards it is organised every year in the month of January and lasts till the starting of February. The government of tourism in Dubai organises this festival to promote trade and commerce there. At this time of the shopping extravaganza you will get various products of highly recommended brands. The streets get crowded by the shoppers and  some of the entertaining events. This is the most renowned festival of the globe where you will get products of all kinds and the shopaholics starts to bargain on the streets to get the best deal.

Wow! The temptable shopping

Dubai Shopping Festival

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