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An elated voyage to Port Blair- Sharing my mesmerising experience.

Tripplanners DirectorMyself Mr.Abhishek Jain, the director of Tripplanners was planning for quite a some time to visit Port Blair with my family. But as you know to manage a company is really a laborious job. I am a busybody and finding time for a trip is really toughie. At last I accomplished my plan successfully and could subdue my hanker. Accompanied by my wife and my daughter I had a heaven-sent experience of Port Blair.Though my company offers affordable Andaman tour packages but this time I visited Andaman not as a tour operator but as a tourist.

Dawn of our journey

port blair sea

We reached Port Blair at 12’o clock in the morning and all were excited to explore this paragon of beauty. It took half an hour to reach our hotel and we enjoyed the weather on our way to the hotel as the weather was very pleasant. Drizzling rain made the weather more beautiful and romantic as Andaman is mostly famous as a honeymooner’s paradise and for Andaman’s honeymoon packages. Many people call it the romantic Andaman as well. We checked in Hotel Shompen which is at the heart of the city. It is a luxurious hotel with all the best amenities for business personnel,tourists and professionals on office trip.The hotel was also near the market and we got an advantage to explore the shops as well.In the afternoon we took rest in the luxury of the hotel and then in the evening we went out to have a tour of our most awaited places to see in Port Blair, the Cellular Jail.This historic national memorial confining within itself the brutal atrocities of the freedom fighters stands silently amidst the harbor city of Port Blair.We watched one of the famous things to do in Port Blair,i.e. the Son-et-lumiere or the light and sound show. This show kept me spell-bound the entire time and it dragged me to the historic period remembering all the facts of history and left me with a patriotic feeling.My daughter was happy to have grabbed so much information on history. After this historic show we dined near to our hotel at Ananda’s restaurant, a multi-cuisine one.

Left the city life and headed towards the island

Port blair crusie

In the very early hours of the morning we took ferry to the Neil island. We opt for the government ferries as the private ferries were not available at that time.But it is for the knowledge of the vacationers and you may call it as travel tip as well that private ferries are much more cleaner than the government ones.Now coming back to our ferry chapter once again.Reaching the Neil island we tried the water activities there.We took water scooter ride and many more rides.My daughter was thrilled to have experienced those fun filled activities. We went for a glass bottomed boat ride as well.This boat ride was a bizarre experience.It was a boat whose bottom was made of glass and through which we were fortunate to see the nadir of the sea full of corals. It was such an ecstasy for us to have experienced this ride. I as a tour operator always love to explore the best properties or hotels in whichever place I go. So, likewise I visited the Sea shell property which I have heard before. It is a nice property located on the beautiful white beach lined up with coconut and palm trees. It will offer you comfort and rustic charm on the lap of the nature. Then at 2’o clock in the afternoon we took ferry for the famous Havelock island.There we checked in the Symphony Palm Beach Resort. Located on the beautiful and serene Havelock island Symphony is a great resort to stay with luxury and comfort in the palms of nature. One of the most funny experience that we had there was while having our dinner we saw many cats roaming to and fro in the dining area. And mostly my daughter enjoyed that.

Headed towards one of the other jewels of the beaches

Radha Nagar beach

After breakfast we checked out of our hotel and headed towards the famous
 one of the best beach of the aquatic kingdom of Andaman.This beach is mainly famous for swimming..People love to swim here.We also tried scuba diving there, one of the most exciting of all the watersports and enjoyed the view of the water kongdom. It lies to the south coast of the Havelock island. With its beauty of the white sand and clear water,Radha Nagar beach has been rated as the best beach in Asia by the TIME magazine. We stayed there in the Bare Foot Forest Resort on the beach itself.There we stayed in a cottage named Nicobari Cottage.The most adventurous experience while our stay there was that there was no light in the alley between the reception and the rooms.After the sun sets to go to your room you will have to cross this alley which is in the forest without any light. But to me it is a different and adventurous experience. Since it was the 15th August eve the hotel organized some shows there. They organized many games activities as well which my daughter enjoyed the most.

Back to the harbor city

Leaving the aesthetic Radha Nagar Beach we headed towards Port blair again.We opted for the ferry journey to go to the harbor city. We started at 4’oclock in the afternoon and reached Port Blair at 7’oclock. So,it took us 4 hours to reach there. But while our journey we were lucky to have seen the dolphins hooping in the water in front of our ferry.We all were thrilled to have seen the dolphins,specially my offspring.We stayed there in Sinclairs hotel. It is located on the waterfront with all its room facing the blue Bay of Bengal and is a good property.To mention here is one of the fact for the tourists is that the best time to visit Port Blair is from March to May,June to September and from October to February.And we visited Port Blair in one of its romantic time,i.e. in September. Some say that during this time visiting Port Blair is a bit challenging but to me seeing the beauty of the water kingdom with drizzling rain is an awesome experience.Monsoon makes Andaman more beautiful.The next day I only kept for myself to discover some of the best properties of Andaman. As a tour operator I find it as the most responsible task for me and I like to do it as well. I visited ample of hotels in Andaman and found some good properties like Seashell, Fortune,TSG Emerald,etc and then to spend some leisure time headed towards a beach called Wandoor beach. It is a gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi marine national park and it has many accommodations as well.Port Blair tourism and Port Blair packages will all guide you with the best beaches and sightseeing.

Halting in Port Blair is not an end to the island trip

After breakfast  we headed for the Ross island. On our way back we tried the water sports in the Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex. It is in Port Blair itself and offers you with some of the best adventurous and safe water sports. My daughter had many water rides there and was craving to spend some more time. But as you say fun times are for limited period so following our schedule we took ferry back to our hotel. But for your information all the ferries leaves from this water sports complex.

Home Sweet Home

We checked out of hotel at 10 as our flight was at 12 in the morning and came back to Delhi. My trip to Andaman was the most enthralled one.It accomplished more perfectly than what I have ever thought of. I collected much more information on Andaman tourist places and planned to modify the Port Blair holiday packages more.We could freshen up through this whole trip and were able to spend some lone time with ourselves also.


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