Eight things which you cannot afford to miss in Dubai shopping festival- A lucrative plaza

Dubai is a land of colours and luxury. This high end metropolitan city surrounded by elegant modernism and flamboyant lifestyle makes Dubai a fascinating place for the tourists. Specially when it is the shopping carnivalthen the whole city gets overcrowded with tourists. This shopping festival was first organised by the Dubai tourism department in 1996. From then onwards it is organised every year in the month of January and lasts till the starting of February. The government of tourism in Dubai organises this festival to promote trade and commerce there. At this time of the shopping extravaganza you will get various products of highly recommended brands. The streets get crowded by the shoppers and  some of the entertaining events. This is the most renowned festival of the globe where you will get products of all kinds and the shopaholics starts to bargain on the streets to get the best deal.

Wow! The temptable shopping

Dubai Shopping Festival

Starting from Levi to Gucci and Jimmy Choo to Dolce and Gabbana Dubai shopping festival hosts all the brands of your choice.The shops displays all the wide range of products starting from toy cars to real cars, clothes, perfumes, spices, gold and many more. Here you will get authentic Arabian traditional products and western products. Just arrange your visa and fly to Dubai at this time of the year to get the discounted benefit of an international shopping starting from the carpets to the electronics. It is also suggested to enquire the Dubai duty free shops at the airport where you might get a good discounted benefits on products. This shopping festival is made more special and enthusiastic with the entertainment programmes and street shows to entertain the tourists. Amazing street performances and firework display gear up the mood of the tourists to shop more. Shopping in Dubai becomes tax free and you will get a jaw-dropping discount of 75% on every item. In the malls of Dubai as well you will get an amazing rate of discounts on the products.  The Dubai mall which is one of the remarkable tourist spot of Dubai and is one of the largest shopping hub of the region will delight you with the Dubai aquarium, Kidzania, Underwater zoo etc. The souks of Dubai will take you through the lane of traditional Arab and its souvenirs. In the gold souks you will get the accessories of Dubai’s famous gold. Pick up some of the cold coins as souvenirs and make your near ones happy. In the aromatic spice souks you will love to bag in some of the famous Arabic and South-Asian spices. The textile souk will tempt you to decorate your wardrobe with famous silk and fabric textiles of the Middle-East. For the gadget lovers this festival gives the benefit to shop camcorders, watches and electronic items at a good discounted rate. Souvenirs are the best part of a travel as  this makes you take the remembrance of your travel with you and gift it to your close ones. Souvenirs like miniature models of the Arabian heritages is the best thing to shop along with some dry fruits, chocolates and spices. Swap your card and dig into the world of shopping within your budget.


Expectations while shopping

The Dubai shopping festival boosts up the tourism industry of Dubai more. The other major features which are expected while shopping are listed below.

Souks and souvenirs

dubai maill

During the festival the malls get lighted up by watches, electronics, carpets, clothing, perfumes and art and craft at a good discounted rate. The souks starting from gold to spice arrange their array of products during this festivity time and souvenirs like Arabian pots, preserved dates, antique silver jewellery, trinkets and many more awaits your way to bag them for your friends and relatives.

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Win some prizes

shopping in duabi

Shop in Dubai and you may win some prizes side by side as well. While shopping the organizers also arranges some games and lucky draw through which you may win prizes weekly or daily. Dubai gold and Jewelry group also gives scope to the shoppers to win some gold prizes.

Entertainment and fun

dubai firework

The Dubai Shopping Festival arranges some cultural and entertainment programmes for the shoppers. These programmes continue for long one month till the festival ends. Nightsky fireworks, streetside performance, film festivals and international fashion shows are arranged for the shoppers. Fun fairs are also organized in the Dubai fun parks. The streets get draped in lights and colours and Dubai gets dressed in the mood of festivity.

The Carnival

dubai unicyclists

Street side parades with famous artists are arranged during the festival time. Jugglers, unicyclists, musicians and still walkers perform their shows. Live performances by famous jazz musicians are organised on every weekends.

Global village


This is another attraction of this shopping festival. These villages gives scope to the tourist to evidence the cultural diversity. Here stalls of different country with their specialised items or products are displayed under one roof. Cultural events, food stalls, rides for children, lucky draw and sporting activities are arranged in the global villages.

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Tasty Foods

dubai food

During the festival a food fair is also organized where you can satisfy your taste buds with the toothy and irresistible cuisines from  different corners of the world. World known chefs and celebrity chefs organizes food workshops on display for the tourists. Live cooking counters are also organized where you may order to prepare the food of your choice.

How to get there?

Want to land in this shopper’s paradise and explore the world of shopping? Then book the cheap Dubai tour packages from us and get the full enjoyment of shopping. Usually tourists gets confused when they land into this wide spread network of shops. For this reason we are here to guide you through the correct lane and shops of Dubai to soothe your shopping crave and will also conduct a short sightseeing of Dubai as well. Grab these packages and land in Dubai to enjoy the spree of shopping during Dubai shopping festival and to organize your trip systematically to help you in enjoying the shopping festival and the sightseeing of beautifully draped Dubai to the fullest.

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