11 things you can do if your flight gets cancelled at the last minute

People often get confused when they get to know that their flight have been cancelled. And if it is your emergency trip then you feel helpless at the cancellation of your flight. Most of the flights get cancelled in the winter season due to the foggy weather.
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So, passengers face hazards mostly during the winter time of the year. And now-a-days most of the flights of the Spicejet airlines are getting cancelled. Daily news of the passengers booked under Spicejet airlines going through this unrestful situation has become the most tectonic update.But there is nothing to get confused or puzzled. Everything has its own solution. And if you are the one who is conflicting with the same problem then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the solutions or guidelines which you should follow when you get to know about the cancellation of your flight. Study these well and get rid of your tautness.

1. Confirm your flight well before flying

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It is best to confirm about the departure and all the details of your flight an ample of hours before your flight timing. Call the airlines and know the whereabouts of your flight. This will save you from the anxiety of knowing your flight being rescheduled or being cancelled at the verge of flying. It will also help you to plan an alternative option quite an ample of hours before flying.

2. Book an alternative ticket


 To be on the safer side it is always advisable to book an alternative flight ticket. Other than the flight ticket which you have already booked, book another alternative flight ticket. This will help you of your trip getting cancelled. If your flight ticket gets cancelled then the alternative ticket will help you to avail the flight and to attend the business meeting or seminar or conference or any important agenda that is a must for you to attend. And if your flight is on the right schedule then you can cancel the alternative ticket and may get back the refund only with a minimum deduction of 1500-1600 INR.

3. Get some compensation

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The U.S. Department of Transportation is of the opinion that passengers should get a little compensation if their flight is being cancelled. If your flight is rescheduled or cancelled then the passengers should be compensated though it depends more upto the policy and procedures of the respective airlines. So, it is suggested to know all the policy and procedures of refunding your ticket well before booking it. Check out the cancellation policy of your airlines and be cautious to get the right compensation as per the rule of your airline company.

4. Plan well before you fly

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This piece of advice will only be helpful to you if you are reading this before your flight getting cancelled. If you have the option to avoid flying during bad or foggy weather then it is advisable to do that. Try to book direct flight and avoid any stop over to any city which is prone to bad weather. If your flight gets rescheduled or delayed then also leave for the airport as early as you can because you never know that when things will bounce back.

5. Get your flight travel insured


It is advisable to insure your flight travel before flying. If your flight gets cancelled then travel insurance will help you to get back the refund of your flight travel. Airline flight insurance includes trip cancellation or interruption coverage.

6. Book refundable flights

Book the tickets of such airlines who provides you with refundable flight tickets. So, when your flight gets cancelled you can claim the refundable amount from the airline company.

7. Understand the flight rules properly

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Before booking your flight tickets you should always read and understand the rules and procedures of the respective airline company in which you are planning to travel. Make sure you have well understood the cancellation and rescheduling policy and procedures of the respective airline company. This will help you to act according to the rules if your flight gets cancelled or has been rescheduled.

8. Know the last minute cancellation charge of your package

Before going for any leisurely trip you often book holiday packages. But if your flights get cancelled at the wee hours of your travel then you should know the last minute cancellation charges or amendments under your holiday packages. So before booking your flight tickets understand the policy and procedures of your holiday or hotel packages to avoid any hassle.

9. Book a hotel to catch your next flight

This piece of advice is for those who will board a flight from a destination far  from their own city which is unknown to them. If your flight gets cancelled and you have already rebooked another flight for your travel then you must be thinking of any stop over place to spend those awaiting long hours. And if your waiting hours include night hours as well then you must be craving to spend that night and relax your body in some hotel rooms. So, book a hotel nearby that airport from where you are going to board your flight.

10. Rebook yourself

If your flight gets cancelled then ask the airline to book your tickets in some other alternative flight. Do not wait to stand in the long queue of rebooking.  Pick up your phone and dial the respective airline number and ask them to rebook your flight. Even if the departure is from any other airline then also they will honour your ticket with that option if the seats are available there.

11. Book your ticket via some travel agent

It is advisable to book your ticket through some travel agent or any travel company as they will guide you with the cancellation of your flight or any flight related queries. There you will get  24*7 assistance during your most critical and needy moments.

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