Is kashmir safe to visit now?

Many of you who are planning to travel to this place would question yourself ’Is Kashmir safe to visit now’?


Well, Kashmir has always been a longstanding dispute over control of the region, and has been prone to civil unrest and violence. Most recently in 2010, it’s been banned to tourists on a number of occasions. Peace has always been restored in this place. The tourist places in Kashmir are all safe and peaceful now. No affect of terrorism or any other activity is there in Kashmir. Some scenes were there amidst the army at The Line of Control, but it has no effect on tourism. Thousands of visitors throng to this place and it has always been safe. There is a saying about this place that If there is Bliss on earth, it is here. For the Kashmir is, a Guest or a Tourist is like a God to them…they would never harm an outsider. 

To give you a better idea on the number of tourist that has been here for the past few years, below is a survey of the years regarding the number of visitors in Kashmir. Tourism in the Kashmir valley has bounce back in recent years:

  • In 2009, Kashmir came to be known as one of the chief tourist destinations of India.
  • In 2010 , there was a report of 7.36 lakh tourists that visited Kashmir along with 23,000 foreigners.
  • In 2011, the number of tourist in Kashmir boom upto the mark of 10 lakh.
  • In 2012 it reached the highest figure of all time i.e 14 lakh.

As per the initial indications received regarding the tourists inflow , Kashmir might rift the record of last year and set a new criterion for other states of India.

Kashmir ‘ multifaceted diamond’


The valley of Kashmir is known all over the world for its grace and charm which always leaves an endless mark on a tourist who has been to this scenic land of tranquil beauty. Rooted like a jewelled crown on the map of India, Kashmir is a versatile diamond, changing its chroma with the seasons-always extravagantly dazzling!! Once you are here you will forever cherish the Wonderland of Kashmir, the Sunny Gardens, Romantic Houseboats, Snow capped Mountains that will never want to go back.


Kashmir: A religio-cultural haven!!


This place is filled with people of every kind from Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists to Christians along with their beautiful culture of love dance and music, festivals. Apart from its beauty, Kashmir is known for its ethereal craftsmanship in silk-soft Pashmina shawls, the Jamawar, shawls, stone work, jewellery, silk, silver, wooden crafts etc What’s most interesting fact about this place is its rich flavour of food has serve for any kind of tourist in here! You can explore the Magic of Kashmir by visiting these euphoric places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam , Betaab Valley, Sonmarg , Yusmarg Amarnath temple with the Kashmir tour package from Delhi with airfare, Kashmir Honeymoon Package by click on this.

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