Plan and book your holiday in Kashmir- A Practical guide

Are the holidays knocking at your door and you are planning for your vacations? It is of great fun to plan for your holidays and doing the packing for the recess period. It is quite obvious that you have chosen Kashmir as your holiday destination otherwise you won’t have been reading this blog. But let me tell you that you have made the right choice by choosing Kashmir as your holiday venue. You will be enthralled with the beauty of Kashmir valley and you feel yourself fortunate to have spend your recess time there. But before heading towards your holiday spot few things are to be taken care of which are the main essence of planning your holiday. This blog entirely covers all your queries and guides you to plan a fruitful holiday.

Fix the dates and the time span of your holiday

calenderFirstly decide when is the perfect time for you to go for the vacation. Each and every member who are going for the vacation should mutually decide that when is the feasible time for all of them to head towards their holiday destination. Then decide that for how many days you want to stay there which means the time span of your vacation.

Choose your Kashmir holiday destination

Char Chinar

I know that your preference for spending your vacation is in Kashmir and that is why you are here so keenly reading this blog. But let me inform you that Kashmir is not a small place and it holds many tourist spots. Kashmir tourist places are renowned in India and out of India. Not only Indians but foreigners also come here to explore this beauty. If you have time then you can explore the whole of Kashmir. But now-a-days most people cannot take much time out of their busy schedule. So, here a Kashmir travel guide consisting of its tourist spots have been shared with you so that you can choose the destinations according to your choice.

Kashmir is a place with mountains, flower valleys, meadows and many more. The taste of spending your leisure time in any spots varies from person to person. So, here in this Kashmir trip blog the palette with the tourist spots have been arranged for you to choose from there.

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Srinagar dal lake

Srinagar is the main attraction of Kashmir. When you visit Kashmir you will surely visit there. Srinagar is a destination with the high range mountains and the serene lakes. Among the lakes the Dal lake deserve special mention here. In Srinagar you can enjoy the view of the distant snow capped mountains, serenity of the lakes, a pleasant experience to stay on a houseboat and some of the architectural heritages. It remains frozen in winter and transforms into a flower valley in summer.

But if you want a complete guide for Srinagar then look into our Srinagar travel guide where you will get places to visit in Srinagar, weather there, how to reach there and many more.



Gulmarg lying in the valley of Kashmir is a pride of the valley. It is a stretch of a velvety grassland with blooming flowers. It is a favourite place for most of the trekkers as they make it a base for trekking. In Gulmarg you may also experience some of the sports one of which is the Gulmarg Gondola which people crave to experience there.

A complete guide for Gulmarg has been provided so that you can plan it in a better way.


phalgam, Kashmir

It is a village in the kashmir valley surrounded by snow peaked mountains and settling a midst the crystal clear lake of Lidder and Sheshnag. This hill station in India always enjoys a cool weather and even in the summer also the temperature does not goes above 25 degree Celsius .

To have a better knowledge of Pahalgam, explore our Pahalgam travel guide which will give more details.

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Sonmarg is a small hill station in Kashmir and gets draped up by golden flowers in Spring. It connects with Ladakh via the famous Zoji la pass. The Sindh river flows through the valley of Sonmarg and gives you an opportunity to do fishing there.

Want to know more about Sonmarg then visit our Sonmarg travel guide

Book your package with the your preference

After selecting the location now its time to book a good package for your holiday. Select a package which includes all that you want. It should be covering the hotels and meals that suits your budget, Kashmir sightseeing, and many more. Know the details of your Kashmir holiday packages before you book it. You may take help from the travel assistants as well who may guide you in a better way in selecting your packages as they deal with these daily. Select the room of your choice with your preferred location and enjoy your vacation.

Plan the activities

Decide and make a list about the places you want to visit there. Kashmir has many sport and adventurous activities to offer you as well. If you want to enjoy those then list them down and do it accordingly. But i must tell you that making a list of the places to visit in Kashmir is much more important otherwise it may happen that you miss out of some of the important destinations there.

Choose your preferred transportation

transportationDecide the mode of transportation by which you want to reach Kashmir and book the tickets accordingly. Don’t delay in booking the tickets to avoid the hazards of the rush in buying the tickets. For visiting around Kashmir you need a car which you should fix as early as you could. And if you have booked your holiday under Kashmir travel packages which our company also provides you, then it is our responsibility to book the best car and a driver cum guide for you.

Pack your luggage carefully

luggageTry to pack your luggage not in any hurry. So, start packing your luggage some days before the date of your journey. As this will give you a benefit of adding those essentials which you may forget while packing. List down the essentials which is required while travelling and pack it accordingly. While packing your clothes do keep in mind the weather forecast of that place. Do remember to carry enough money with you as taking money out of the ATM’s may get problematic if you don’t find it within your reach.

Some safety guidelines to be followed

To enjoy a safe and hassle free holiday it is required that you follow some of the safety precautions. Do not stay in any remote place.Do not go to any remote location without anyone’s guide. As Kashmir is a sensitive zone try not to roam here and there alone. Use postpaid connections as this sensitive zone does not allow prepaid connection.

Make your holiday memorable

It is my assurity to make your holiday memorable. Give us your sole responsibility and it is my assurity to make your holiday fun filled and relaxable so that when you go back to your busy life you will be able to start your daily chores with a fresh mind.

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