How to plan your holiday in Kerala- A Practical Travel Guide

Are you preparing yourself for your holiday? By now you must have decided where to go and that is why you are here reading this blog. Yes, God’s own country Kerala is a perfect choice and a beautiful destination to spend your merry time there. But for making this holiday a remembering one you need to organize your trip and keep in mind some of the precautions.

Don’t get puzzled. It is not a difficult task to plan your trip. I am here to guide you. Read this blog and you will get a detailed picture of how to plan your trip. Enjoy reading this Kerala travel blog and likewise plan your trip. You will get more excited about your trip while reading.

Fix your dates

Before planning for any holiday it is required to fix the time or date like when you want to head for your vacation. Discuss with the members who will travel with you and fix a time which is feasible for all. Fix the time span of your vacation as well, i.e. for how long you want to stay there.


Choose your favourite Kerala spot

Kerala offers to you the beauty of the hills, lakes and wildlife. It houses wide variety of tourist spots there. It is up to you which destination you want to opt for. You may want to spend your holidays with the majestic mountains, tranquil lakes, fresh greenery or adventurous wildlife. Kerala gives you all the options to choose.

Before choosing the destination look after the weather conditions as well. In Kerala most of the places remain under rainfall half of the year. So,if you are disinclined towards such weather then go for some other place which suits your taste. Kerala has four types of destination. Study them carefully and choose your preferred location.

1. Hilly terrains

 A hill station is a good and refreshing place to spend your holidays. Take a view from the top of the mountains and live amidst the undulating terrains of mountains which will leave you in a secluded place where you can spend some time in your own company. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city chores it sometimes become mandatory to live in peace in a remote and beautiful location. If you are in search of something like this then Kerala’s hilly terrains are the perfect place.


munnar honeymoonMunnar is a famous hill station in India. It has a sparkling beauty with waterfalls adorning the mountain ranges which will grab your attention. The refreshing greenery of Munnar on the mountains is decorated with tea and spice plantation. If you have a crave towards mountains then Munnar is the ideal place to spend your holidays in the lap of the mountain ranges which is 140 kms away from the hustle and bustle of the Cochin city life.


vagamon HillsIt is another heart warming hill station in Kerala. This hill station which have interspersed through the hard rocky surface will share with you a great view of the pine forests lining the enigmatic valleys. It is slightly at a lower altitude than Munnar but enjoys a pleasant weather even if you stroll on a summer afternoon.


Hanging Bridge at VythiriIt is a secluded town in Wayanad boasting of its beauty with sparkling waterfalls, tropical dense forest, streams passing through the mountains, and a vast range of flora and fauna. The main attraction of Vythiri is its tree houses and trekking trail. If you want to try something different and if you want to experience something at the outdoors then Vythiri cannot be an exception.

2. Sandy shorelines

Sunny sandy beaches merging with the ocean is a perfect stretch of land to relax your body on your holidays. If you prefer to have a seatime experience on your holidays then kerala has a lot to offer you.


kovalam beachLocated at a few kilometres away from the Trivandrum city, it is placed by the Arabian sea. It consists of three beaches and the most famous among them is the Lighthouse beach. It is a shallow beach so if you want to enjoy your evening stroll or a leisurely swim then you can do so.


Alleppey beachAlleppey is a prime attraction among the Kerala tourist places. It is a silent beach to relax your body and to repose your mind and soul. You can visit the park of Alleppey and a lighthouse located near to it. It challenges a hot and humid climate during the summers but remain quite pleasant and cool for the remaining part of the year.


bekal beachIt is another quiet sandy beach of Kerala along the Arabian sea. It has the famous seaside historic fort and the golden sandy beaches with the casuarina and palm trees standing here and fro which  makes cool shades for your stroll on the beaches.


varkala beachIt is another beach town located at the close proximity of Trivandrum. This beach is in the south of Kerala and has some cliffs along the shores of the Arabian sea. There are many mineral water springs and spas along the cliffs of Varkala which boasts of having healing properties. If you are in a mood to heal your body and soul then do try these to repose yourself.


3. Waterways

Kerala is blessed with streams, lagoons and interconnected waterways which have transversed  Kerala. Some of these waterways are naturally made and some are man made. You can enjoy your holidays on these tranquil waterways lined up by the lush greenery. These waterways also offers you with an option of cruising on them. Kerala houseboat can be a great option for you if you want to have a unique experience of living on the water. You may book some Kerala houseboat packages as well which includes your stay, your meal, and the sightseeing. Spending your holidays by cruising on the backwaters of Kerala can be a magical experience if you have love for water. Kerala has to offer you  many of its backwater destinations.


Alleppey backwaterTourists most preferably choose Alleppey as their backwater cruising destination. If you take a long day tour on the backwaters of Alleppey then you will be able to enjoy the rhythmic sound of the water, chirping of the birds, greenery of the coconut trees prospering along the waterways and a vast expanse of the blue sky.


Kottayam KumarakomKumarakom has cluster of islands on the Vembanad lake. It is located at a distance of 15kms from Kottayam and is mostly famous for its backwater cruising. You can book some resorts along the shorelines as well or can book the nights on the houseboats where you can spend your recess time by enjoying good food, warm hospitality and a good scenic beauty.


kollamKollam backwater cruising will give you a divine experience . As you sail along with your houseboat on the backwaters of Kollam you will be able to see lotuses and water lilies popping up. The ducks will swim past the green landscape and the egrets flying down from above. Here you will also get a chance to see how the traditional boats of Kerala i.e. Kettuvalloms are  built.


cherai-beachHere in Cochin you can have the best mixture of waterways experience as you will be able to have the urban, marine and historical experience. Here you may take a boat tour which will take you to the Marine drive, Cochin port, a palace and a fort. It would be best if you stay at a resort in Cochin and book a half day cruise tour along the backwaters of Cochin.

4. Wildlife

If you want to spend your holidays amidst the adventurous wildlife or if you are planning for a wildlife tour then Kerala has to offer you with that option as well. Stay in a resort near to the wildlife and enjoy all the wildlife activities there.


The famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the most important part of Kerala tourism. It is a few kilometres away from Cochin . While you take a tour by the jeep, boat ride, bamboo rafting, night walks, then you may get fortunate to view the wildlife of Kerala.


WayanadWayanad is also home to a wildlife sanctuary. Large variety of rare wild species and birds thrive there.  You will be able to see large varieties of flora and fauna as well. You can enjoy the adventurous activities like wildlife safaris, bird watching and elephant rides as well.

Book your stay

Now since you have a got a picture of all the details of the various types of tourist spots of Kerala, you may book your room now. Select a room which suits your budget and your desired location. Which type of view you want to have from your room? Select a room accordingly. And if you want to go on a Kerala holiday package tour then we have a lot to offer you. Book a package that suits your pocket and all the activities which you want to enjoy in Kerala.

List down the sightseeings

As Kerala offers you so much to see there, you may get puzzled which to visit and which not. If you are planning for a long stay then you may visit all. But in todays busy life it is rarely possible for any traveller to plan for such long stay. So, it is advisable to list down the tourist places and the activities  you want to enjoy in Kerala.

Book your transportation

Decide the mode of transport via which you want to travel to Kerala. Do not make any haste in booking your tickets. Book the tickets as early as you could to get  seats confirmed. Book the car and the driver which will give you a tour around the destinations which you have chalked out long before. Our packages will provide you with a vehicle that will give you a tour of all the tourist corners of Kerala under your package and will also provide you with a driver cum guide.

Pack your belongings

Packing is the first and main step before heading for your holidays. Pack the essentials which are required for your travel. Before packing your clothes know the climate of that time and pack your apparels accordingly. Do not carry limited funds as the hotels of Kerala mostly accept cash and not cards.

Safety guidelines

Who does not want a safe and happy holidays? So, it is better to follow some safety guidelines before visiting there. Do not loiter in any remote place alone, take someone with you who knows the place. If you want to know more in details then you may have a look at our safety precautions of Kerala.

Enjoy your holidays!

Holidays are planned out to have some good memories and to refresh yourself from the daily chores of life. We want you to have a fun filled holidays which you will remember for life. It is my assurity that you will feel pleased to have chosen us as your tour guide.


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