10 eye catching keepsake to shop in Kerala

Kerala is not only famous for its aesthetics and culture and major activities  but also for its shopping there.Unique  and variable items are found in the shops of Kerala which aligns the streets.Starting from the spices of Kerala to its antique items, you will get variables of your choice there.The grand Kerala shopping festival which is one of the major attractions of Kerala is organized by the Govt. of Kerala in association with the Department of Tourism. Kerala is renowned for its local crafts and you will get a touch of traditionality in every shop of it.Explore the shops of Kerala and pamper yourself with the enthrallment of shopping. Just get hold of some Kerala holiday packages which offers you with some of the best hotels in Kerala and bag in the beauty of Kerala with some of its antique items.

Kerala shopping festival

Some of the items which you will be glad to shop in Kerala are listed below.

1. Uruli

Iri;iIt is a flat pan and one of the age old utensil of Kerala. References show that Uruli has been used in many traditional recipes. It is made of a special alloy and preparing dish in it flares up a special taste. You can buy this utensil and can give a traditional touch to your kitchen.



2. Aranmula Kannadi

AranmulaIt is a beautiful special  metal mirror made of a special alloy. Buying this mirror and using it will give you a feel of royalty. It is found in Aranmula where only families of two craftsmen still make it.






3. Nilavilakku

Nilavilakku LampIt is a brass lamp which is a special piece of south India. It is found in every size. Still now these beautiful pieces of craftsmanship is used in stage performances of South India like kathakali, koothu etc.You can add this traditional piece of  Kerala to your collection.


4. Kasavu

Kasavu sareeThese are extremely light cotton clothes with a golden border to enhance its glory. Kasavu is a famous south indian dress material which is found as saris and other dress materials as well. Thiruvananthapuram is the best place to buy Kasavu. These kasavus or Kerala traditional dress will beautify your wardrobe collection.


5. Spices

Kerala Spices Kerala the famous destination for its spice plantation offers you with a wide range of spices. Pepper, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and many more availability there can make your culinary creations more finer.




6. Figurines made of sandalwood

sandalwood figurinesKerala has one of the famous sandalwood forest there and so finer crafts are made out of it. Come back from this beautiful land with some sandalwood figurines that will decorate your collection and can be offered as the best gift to your near ones also.




7. Coir products

Coir-productsCoir stands out as one of the famous products of Kerala. It is made out of beaten coconut husks. Coir tells us that how the people of the land of coconut trees make use of every part of it. Various items like rugs, wall hangings, cushions, bags, hammocks, show pieces, door pieces are made out of coir.


8. Kathakali faces

keralakathakali DanceKathakali is one of the art form of Kerala.Miniature models of Kathakali with its bright and colourful headgear with black hair made of plaster of paris is available there. Take back home these kathakali figurines and can add the ideal souvenir of Kerala to your decoration.




9. Gold ornaments

bridal gold jewelleryKerala is all famous for its sophisticatedly designed and heavy gold ornaments. You will find
gold shops in more or less every corner of Kerala. check the gold rates and you can shop for some Kerala gold items as well.





10. Khadi kurtas

khadi kurtaIt is mainly a cotton material and long drawn kurtas are made out of it. It is of very light weight and can comfort you in the high temperatures of Summer.







Since it is also renowned as the honeymooner’s paradise so it is a good news for the couples specially that Kerala upholds such eye-catching keepsakes. So, visit Kerala shopping places and take the enjoyment of shopping with its serene beauty. For all these just grab some Kerala holiday packages and fulfill your wish.