Travel agent v/s Online bookings

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As the options to the people in today’s world have widened far and wide, so likewise people can also book their travel online.

flight-online booking

You may buy your tickets online at any time of the day you want according to your flexibility. But booking a flight ticket for your business travel or for your cousin’s wedding is not the same as planning a long tour across the countries of Africa. Planning a long duration trip in an unknown country or an unknown place is really a tough task. And you always want to make your trip successful and interesting. But in achieving that we need much more experience and a thorough knowledge of that place and for that the travel agents are the experts. But both online booking and travel agents have pros and cons which need to be understood thoroughly before making any decision. Some of the points have been discussed below. Have a thorough read and make your mind clear.


An Advisable Guide

travel guide

If you are planning for a trip then the travel agents can be your guide. They can suggest you with the hotels, sightseeing places, places to eat and on visas as well. To explore an unknown place without any guide is really a task to accomplish. They can recommend you  with the names of destinations as well for which you may plan your trip. They have expertise in this travel planning and will guide much more efficiently. But in case of the online booking you will not get that help. As in online booking all the bookings you will have to do it in your own and that too online.


Solutions at your doorstep

Solutions at your doorstep

Travel agent are much more required for your complicated and lengthy trips. They have lot more experience than you and can rescue you from any hazards that you face in your mid-trip. They also have good connections with the service providers and can also can arrange your trips without any hindrance in your trip. The travel agents will also help you to arrange your trips in advance so that you don’t hit any dead end and  will also have to wait in the ticket queues. But if you give a look at the part of online bookings then you will not have these solutions here. As you may do online travel booking here but if you face any problem in the mid of your trip then there will be no one other than yourself to help you out. The travel agents also can book your hotel rooms at the time of crisis as well since they have good connections with the hoteliers but if you do online hotel booking  then you may not get that facility.


A Good Deal

flight Hot deal

Travel agents may help you out in getting good deals and upgrades on hotels or cruises. While they may charge you in booking your airline tickets but the cruise liners pay the agents so you might get the booking of the cruise at free of cost. Cruise liners pay some offers and discounts to the travel agents which if they want may pass on to you as well. Agents of trade groups also get bonuses and other offers from the hotels in the foreign countries which they may also pass on to you and may benefit you in getting free breakfasts or meals or some complimentary services. But when we do online hotel bookings or online trip booking and all then you may get these kind of facilities only during the discount periods.


Save your Time and Energy

Time Saving

This is a busy world and everybody is busy with their daily chores. So, to find out time from their busy schedule and to plan a trip is really toughie. And you also lose all your energy in your daily pressurable routine to do online flight booking, online ticket booking and hotel bookings. So it becomes almost impossible to concentrate in planning your trip as it requires lots of mental efficiency, patience and most importantly time. To solve out these problems of yours, you will get the availability of the travel agents. Give all your headaches and wishes to them and they will chalk out a beautiful trip plan as per your choice. This will save your time and energy and you will enjoy a comfortable and enthralling trip without any headache.


Your preferred packages

travel packages

A trip is not going to complete perfectly unless and until you plan it in the best way and as per your cravings. Suppose you are going for your honeymoon and want some romantic extravaganza which you will get from the chosen destination. But after completing the trip you found out that the destination which you have chosen was good but your spouse found that trip very average and similar to a normal trip. There comes the help of the travel agents. They have various travel packages for you like adventure, honeymoon, family, wildlife and many more. Choose from your desired package and enjoy it with your full heart. These packages comes with some of the extra benefits,features and activities which will go correctly with the package you have chosen and will fling your mood.

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