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International Holidays

Trip Planners Offers You Best International Tour Packages

Kathmandu Tour Packages

Kathmandu Tour Packages

Take a tour around the monasteries of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal with the scenic beauty. It is a place with Hindu and Buddhist temples and monasteries. It is one of the famous tourist destinations of the tourists which can be travelled according to all budgets.

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Mauritius Tour Packages

Mauritius Tour Packages From Delhi With Airfare

People crave to spend their holidays in this destination of entrancing beauty. Mauritius displays in front of you all sorts of alluring beauty which requires a visit. It is an island along the blue ocean of India where the white sandy beaches have merged with the water surrounded by lush greenery.

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Maldives Tour Packages

Maldives tour Packages

Maldives is such a tourist destination which will soothe you while captivating its beautiful islands, beaches and water. The crystal clear water of Maldives will help you to see the water kingdom from the surface of the water. The numerous coral reefs decorates the islands and white sandy beaches surrounded by greenery will please you from the depth of your heart.

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Singapore Tour Packages

Singapore tour packages from india

Singapore never sleeps and is always sparkling with city life, lights and music. It is a hub of all diversified religion and culture. The nightlife of Singapore will tempt you to discard your night’s sleep and to indulge you in their happening city life. It is a tourist destination for all ages offering you with many attractions to explore starting from wildlife to city life.

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Malaysia Tour Packages

Malaysia Holiday packages from india

Malaysia the land of colours and diversity will lure you to explore this diversified place. This land is full of various race and religion celebrating their vibrant festivities and living together with harmony. Surrounded by undulating mountains, the rain forests leading to a forest life and the white sandy beaches with mangrove plantation will surprise you.

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Thailand Tour Packages

Thailand Tour Packages From Delhi With Airfare

Known as 'hub of Southeast Asia', and here’s a rundown!! Thailand speaks for itself. It’s so well-known around the world that when you hear the name, you already think about the bustling nightclubs of Pattaya, palm trees, beauty, jungles, food, beaches or shopping in frenetic Bangkok... And your thoughts are dead on!!

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Italy Tour Packages

italy trip package from india

Italy is a place of history, culture and heritage which you will love to explore through the famous historical buildings and museums. This tourist destination is having some of the world renowned historical buildings, art gallery and many more. A city on water surrounded by scenic lush greenery will give you feel of spending your dream holidays.

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Switzerland Tour Packages

switzerland Holiday packages

It is a land depicting more like a fairytale. It has the vast number of lakes which forms the backdrop of the cities surrounded by the snow covered high rise mountains. The castles, fortresses and farms decorates the place in a such way which portrays some chapters of fairytales.

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Spain Tour Packages

Spain Tourism Packages From India

Spain is a land of mixed culture revealing to the tourists its diversity. During your holidays in Spain you can enjoy the green meadow, beautiful valleys, hills and snow capped mountains in the north and the desert zone in the south. Its beaches are also exotic with the white sandy stretch of land along the shores.

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Australia Tour Packages

Australia Tourism packages From India

This largest continent will give you all in one. Australia has it all starting from the mountains, beaches, turquoise water of the ocean and famous places to visit. For adventure and sports lover this a n ideal place to enjoy the trekking, Kayaking, under water sports and many more.

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USA Tour Packages

America Tour and Travel Packages

It is a vast continent to explore. It houses many options to explore there. For the young life and fun lovers the night life of America is amazing with all the colours and hippies of the place. Within this continent some of the places with utter scenic beauty cradles which is breathtakingly beautiful.

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New Zealand Tour Packages

new zealand tour packages from Delhi

Surrounded by the coastlines, ocean, mountains and islands New Zealand is a peaceful continent where you can enjoy your holiday and can make it a dream come true. It has some of the glaciers which melts down on the valleys and has some of the volcanic lakes and hot water lakes.

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South Africa Tour Packages

South Africa Holiday packages from Delhi

A trip to South Africa is everyone’s dream come true. There you will have innumerable options to enjoy your holidays. You may enjoy the magical mountains of South Africa or the culture of it through the city life. A safari in South Africa’s jungle is the desire of most travellers. Take a safari in the famous jungle of South Africa and experience all species of wildlife.

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Europe Tour Packages

Europe Tour packages from delhi

This multi country tour will take you through all the famous countries. It is a combined package of happiness which will give you a tour of all the entire beauties of Europe and will make you one of the boastful travellers to have known the entire continent be its culture, history, food or tradition. In a single go you will know a large phase of the world.

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International Holidays

"The World is a book, those who do not travel read only a page" - Saint Augustine
Trip Planners offers the huge variety of customize International Holidays and tour packages to hundreds of destinations worldwide like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Switzerland, Maldives,Mauritius, Dubai and South Africa and so on and so forth.

We offers the fantastic range of World tour packages from India that suit every budget and every taste and also offers guarantee financial protection on International hotels, International flights and car hire. Trip Planners organise best International tour Packages from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and all other major cities across india.

With a large variety of International Holiday choices, you can make sure that your holiday vacation is exactly the way you want it to be. Get the most out of our all-inclusive International Tourist Packages or appreciate a more separate journey with our self-catering choices. Whatever you are looking for in your vacation, we’ve got it protected. Our professionals have put together a record of the World best destinations and entertainments, from museums, dining places to seashores and much, much more for everyone members – do not skip out!