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How To Reach Goa

There are many travel options to reach Goa. Here, a large number of international as well as domestic tourists come in every year. So it is well connected with the major cities of India and as well as with abroad.

Reach Goa By Air

The airport of Goa is just 29 kms away from Panaji. Regular flights are available from Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi and Bangalore for Goa. But during the Peak Season

Reach Goa by Train

The two major Goa railway stations are Madgaon and Thivim. They are well connected with the major rail heads in India.

Reach Goa By Bus

Private and as well as public bus transports are available for Goa. Bus services for intra-city and inter-city transfer. KTC, KSRTC and MSRTC government bus services are available from Vasco da Gama, Panjim and Madgaon.Private bus operators are also available in large numbers in Goa. Regular bus transfers are available from Mumbai and Pune.
Destination Distance Time Taken
Kolkata to Goa approx. 2105 km approx. 33hrs
Delhi to Goa approx. 1889 km approx. 30hrs
Lucknow to Goa approx. 1821 km approx. 30hrs
Nagpur to Goa approx. 1007 km approx. 18hrs
Chennai to Goa approx. 906 km approx. 14hrs
Mumbai to Goa approx. 603 km approx. 10hrs
Bangalore to Goa approx. 557 km approx. 09hrs
Pune to Goa approx. 460 km approx. 08hrs

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