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How to reach Gulmarg

Gulmarg can be reached by various ways. A detailed Gulmarg travel guide has been shared with you attaching the route guide map to reach Gulmarg by various modes of transport for your convenience.

Reach Gulmarg by Air

Srinagar airport is the only nearest airport to Gulmarg. It is a domestic airport and is well connected to most of the major cities across India. Regular flights are available from Delhi, Mumbai and Amritsar to Gulmarg. You can hire a cab from there to reach to Gulmarg and it will cost you around 1500 for one round. You can also hire a taxi which will cost you cheaper.

Reach Gulmarg by Train

Jammu is the nearest railway station which is 290 kilometres away from Gulmarg. It is connected to most of the major rail stations in India. Jammu rajdhani,Swarak express, Andaman express,Himgiri Express, and Himsagar express are the major trains available for Jammu.

Reach Gulmarg by Bus

Bus services are available to Gulmarg from Srinagar , Sonmarg and other neighbouring towns of Kashmir.Deluxe and regular buses are available from Gulmarg which are both state run and as well as by private companies.

Reach Gulmarg by Road

From Srinagar it takes 1 to 2 hours to reach to Gulmarg. Though its is 57kms from Srinagar but it takes more time to reach there because of the high altitude roads. It is recommended to have well equipped tyres of the car which is fit to drive in this region.
Destination Distance Time Taken
Chennai to Gulmarg approx. 3082 km approx. 50hrs
Bangalore to Gulmarg approx. 3038 km approx. 48hrs
Kolkata to Gulmarg approx. 2367 km approx. 35hrs
Mumbai to Gulmarg approx. 2249 km approx. 35hrs
Jaipur to Gulmarg approx. 1098 km approx. 19hrs
Delhi to Gulmarg approx. 908 km approx. 17hrs
Chandigarh to Gulmarg approx. 645 km approx. 13hrs
Jammu to Gulmarg approx. 371 km approx. 8hrs
Katra to Gulmarg approx. 316 km approx. 7hrs