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Kerala FAQs

Topography of Kerala

Situated at an altitude of 700 to 2100 metres from the sea level Kerala is a place with hills, lakes, tea plantations, spice plantations and more. It covers an area of 2132 sq. km. and will share with you the view of the Western Ghats and as well as a small glimpse of Karnataka.

Currencies and Cards

Currency of India is Indian Rupee or INR. With your debit card you can withdraw cash from any ATMs there.But credits cards are rarely accepted there so it is better to keep cash with you to avoid any hazards.

Mobile services

Foreigners will get the option to buy prepaid sim cards from any mobile shops in Kerala if they want to be free of the roaming charges. The sim cards and recharges of mobile phones are available in any mobile shops in Kerala.

Wifi Internet

Wifi services is available in many hotels and restaurants in Kerala.In some the wifi charges are chargable and in some it is complimentary.

Drinking Laws

In Kerala the drinking age starts from 21 years. So, abide by that rule.


Tipping makes those happy who will remain dedicatedly at your service. It is a part of etiquette. In India tipping is most often done in the restaurants and with cab drivers.


Kerala has no such records of major crime with the tourists. But it is always advisable to be very cautious about your belongings and not to visit isolated places.