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How to reach Kerala

Kerala which is an all time desired tourist destination can be reached through various ways. A few possible researches has been done to make this Kerala travel guide and they has been jotted down below to fulfill your queries and to make your trip hassle free.

Reach Kerala By Air

Kerala has some of the major airports which are connected to some of the main cities in the country and abroad. Airports in Kerala are Trivandrum international airport, Calicut international airport and Kochi international airport. You will get bus and cab services from these airports to reach to your desired location.

Reach Kerala by Train

Kerala is linked to most of the major cities in India by railway. Trains for Kerala are available from most of the major Indian cities. From Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Madras trains are available for Kerala. From the stations you can reach to your desired location by bus or cab service.

Reach Kerala by Water

Kerala can also be reached via water from Goa, Mumbai, Colombo and Male. Cruise services are available from these destinations to reach to Kerala.

Reach Kerala by Road

Reaching Kerala by driving car is another beautiful experience and at a much cheaper rate. Drive through the beautiful countryside of Kerala and get an unique experience. It is also directly connected with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Kerala is also connected to major cities of India by national highways and major roads.
Destination Distance Time
Delhi to Kerala approx. 2491 km approx.38hrs
Kolkata to Kerala approx. 2218 km approx. 32hrs
Mumbai to Kerala approx. 1254 km approx.21hrs
Hyderabad to Kerala approx. 934 km approx. 16hrs
Bangalore to Kerala approx. 359 km approx. 8hrs